16 Dogs Rescued

On the 18th of October our Inspectors received a call from a concerned member of public stating there were still some animals that were left to fend for themselves after the protests. Upon arrival our Inspectors came across what was once a shop, a building that had collapsed. The roof had fallen in and was lying on the ground surrounded by rubble.

The rescue operation was a difficult one as the six dogs were hiding under the collapsed roof. After a few hours our Inspectors emerged with extremely scared, underweight and severely injured animals that were living there for a couple of weeks.

One dog’s injuries were so bad that the dog’s whole neck was infected with maggots; she had numerous deep lacerations, severe blood loss and was unable to stand. Her injuries were extreme and Senior Inspector Ronald Ramalata was shattered by the condition of her broken body. She slowly opened her eyes as if to say thank you for coming, he gave her some water but she was too weak to even swallow, started to lose consciousness and passed away.

The remaining five dogs are being taken care of at JSPCA. The animals were so scared of humans that it took our Inspectors a couple of hours to calm them down and transport them back to JSPCA.

A total of 16 animals were collected by JSPCA since the start of the protests. Animals are often caught up in violence caused by humans – whether intentionally or accidentally, yet man’s best friend has to ultimately rely on us as humans for their well being.

These animals are currently being monitored and worked with to help them find loving homes.

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