Education Programme 

Teaching children to respect themselves, their fellow humans and animals plays an important role in creating a caring society; one that considers the welfare of both people and animals. It is with this in mind that we run a humane education programme aimed at children and young adults of school-going age.

Using interactive, engaging and socially relevant activities, our team teaches youngsters how to be responsible animal owners as well as how to care for the environment. The education team visits schools and communities from all walks of life, and our programmes incorporate age-appropriate numeracy, literacy and life-skills information, adding value to the animal welfare message. 

The Education team working right from the top independent schools through to those in disadvantaged communities. The focus of the education programme is on communicating a consistent, stimulating and age-appropriate animal welfare message, and on teaching respect and compassion for all sentient beings. The programme also teaches children and young adults how to understand animals and animal behaviour.

Animals, like humans, need space to express their normal behaviour without fear and distress, and our team teaches kids how to care for them, as well as how to protect them from cruelty and abuse.  As the SPCA movement in general is opposed to the use of live animals for exhibition purposes, we use life-like toys and/or teddy bears to show the kids exactly how to handle animals, and to educate them about what they should and shouldn’t do.

As a result of this work, we’ve seen a significant improvement in the general attitude towards animals in our communities, and are seeing fewer cases of cruelty arising from ignorance or misinformation.  The JSPCA is dedicated to empowering today’s youth in order to create a kinder tomorrow.



For more information about our education programme please contact us on 011 681 3600 or Email


Community Service Programme

Our education programme includes a community service component, which is run in conjunction with the various schools. This gives learners the opportunity to participate in community service projects, as required by the national curriculum.

The community service programme is run only during school holidays and includes an orientation course, a knowledge test and a period of volunteering in our kennels department.

Volunteering at the Kennels offers a practical experience of animal welfare work. Youngsters assist with such tasks as grooming, feeding and socialising, and are taught how to make the animals in the kennels as comfortable, relaxed and happy as possible.