The Johannesburg SPCA Kennels are a place of love and safety for homeless and abused animals. It is difficult to find suitable homes for all of the animals that come through our doors and, until that can be done, it is our responsibility to look after them.

We depend solely on donations and sponsorships to fund our work, and receive no government or Lotto funding. We therefore run a Sponsor-a-Kennel and a Sponsor-a-Farm-Animal programme, which enable caring members of the public to sponsor animals in our care for a month or more. For further information about these programmes, please contact us on 011 681 3600.



The JSPCA actively promotes adoption, and consults with prospective owners to ensure a good match with the animals they intend adopting. Last year alone, we assisted in finding ‘forever homes’ for over 800 animals through.

Members of the public are invited to visit the centre to see all of the great dogs and cats looking for loving families. Our trained advisors will help you to choose the correct pet for your lifestyle, and factors such as time, space, expectations and affordability will be discussed with you.

We also have a special meet and greet area, which will enable you to familiarise yourself with your potential new family member prior to making the final adoption decision. This will also enable you to test whether the proposed new addition gets on well with other animal members of your family.

Once you have chosen the right pet for you and your family, a JSPCA inspector will make arrangements to come out to your property in order to ensure that it is suitable for the animal and that it is fully secured. He or she will be able to answer any further questions you may have about accommodating your new addition.

Once this has been done, your new companion will be sterilized, vaccinated, de-wormed and micro-chipped, and will receive a collar and tag before leaving the JSPCA. Post-adoption inspections are carried out on a random basis to ensure that animals are settling into their new homes and are being well cared for.


Pet Accessory Store

Everything you need for your pet is available in the JSPCA Pet Accessory Store right next door to the Adoption Centre. You’ll find quality pet food, sturdy leashes, collars, harnesses, toys, snug beds, litter trays, shampoo and so much more.  What more could your pet ask for besides love? 



Your beloved pets will be getting the best of care at our kennels when they are with us while you  are enjoying your holiday.  Watch the video here.



What we offer

-Daily exercise regimes
-F10 Disinfected kennels
-Private and Family accommodation
-JSPCA Veterinary hospital premises
-Daily report at request
-Grooming available


Off Peak Fees

  • Large and X-large Dogs: R150.00 p/d ;
  • Small and Medium Dogs: R100.00 p/d ;
  • Cats: R80.00 p/d ; 

Peak Season Fees

  • Large and X-Large Dogs:R200 p/d
  • Small and Medium Dogs: R150 p/d
  • Cats: R130.00 p/d

Pensioner and family discounts available

If you book in more than one animal, you will get R50 discount per day.


Please take note of the following:

  • All pets must be microchipped (we can do at a cost of R200.00 per microchip)
  • No pets under 6 months will be allowed in our boarding kennels
  • All Pets must have a full vaccination history
  • Provide proof that the pet has been dipped or had had treatment for tick and fleas

To make a booking for your pets please contact our kennels department, or download the linked boarding form here, and send the completed form to to check availability



Our banking details are

Acc number is 50551553925

Bank : FNB

Branch Code : 254 205

Ref : Boarding & your surname.



Lost And Found

A significant number of stray dogs and cats are either handed in by members of the public or collected by our inspectors every day. The high number of strays that come into our care is due to either wilful neglect by owners or accidental circumstances.  The JSPCA is an official municipal pound for the City of Joburg, and we are obliged by law to keep animals for a certain period of time before ownership reverts to the JSPCA. In the case of dogs and cats, this is a period of 96 hours or 4 days.

If you have lost a pet, please contact the JSPCA Kennels as soon as possible after the animal has gone missing. Please provide all relevant details about both the animal and yourself to enable us to check whether your pet is in our care. Obviously, if the animal has an identification collar, tag or microchip, then the chance of a reunion is much greater.  It is also advisable to call neighbouring SPCAs, local vets and other welfare organisations if your pet has gone missing.