About Us

Our Mission

The JSPCA (Johannesburg Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) believes that the value of animals exceeds economic measure. We share this world with animals and they are entitled to legal, moral and ethical consideration and protection. We fight to obtain rights for them and we fight to enforce these rights. The JSPCA is committed to the well-being of all animals in this region.

We believe in cultivating a community with an awareness of animals and a respect for all living creatures.

Our Values


We aim for the highest standards of service delivery.


We value the lives of the animals placed in our care.


We look for opportunities to teach people about the welfare of animals.


We work hard because we love everything that we do.


Our strength comes from our support for each other.


We can achieve great things if we work together.

Our Story

The Johannesburg Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (JSPCA) was established in 1902 and is one of the largest animal welfare organisations in the country. Some interesting facts about us:

  • We operate as Johannesburg’s official City Pound, and accept all stray, abandoned, abused and confiscated animals.
  • We have a very active education and outreach programme.
  • We assist people who would like to adopt a pet from the JSPCA and have a special meet-and-greet area for this purpose.
  • We do pre-adoption home checks to make sure that all adopted animals are going to safe and loving homes.
  • SPCAs are obligated by law to admit any animal brought in. No animal may be turned away.

Our Funding

The JSPCA is a registered non-profit organisation (NPO: 000-559) and Public Benefit Organisation (PBO 13/00/00/621). The society receives no government funding and relies on the support of caring and compassionate individuals and corporates to continue operating. We depend on corporate sponsorshipsdonations and bequests to fund our work.  We welcome all contributions in all forms.

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Our Team

The Johannesburg SPCA is based in the suburb of Reuven, in the south of Johannesburg, where our offices, kennels, inspectorate and administration are situated. Our dedicated team works hard to protect animals, to improve animal welfare standards, to educate local communities about animal care, and to re-home stray and abandoned dogs and cats. We also monitor the treatment and well-being of working animals, farm animals and wild animals.

Members of our staff are on standby 24 hours a day to accept strays or stray injured animals and to attend to emergencies.

Our inspectors monitor and promote the welfare of animals in our area.

Our Facilities

The JSPCA is located in Booysens Johannesburg. We are fortunate to have 127 dog kennels, 30 cat kennels as well as kennels for boarding by the public. We have a farm animal field with stables which house our rescued farm animals. Other facilities on site include:

  • Store
  • Charity shop
  • Kennels for boarding
  • Animal hospital for sterilization

Our Policies

Sterilising your pet or helping to fund the sterilisation of other animals will relieve enormous suffering for endless generations, prevent animals from getting euthanized in future and will hugely benefit the animal in question. It’s one of the kindest things you can do for your own pet or for another animal in need. The JSPCA does not, under any circumstances, re-home a pet without sterilising them first.

The term “euthanasia” stems from the Greek words “eu”, which means “well”, and “thanosos”, which means “death”. Euthanasia therefore is the act of causing death painlessly and it is generally accepted as a means to end suffering.

The SPCA is opposed to the euthanasia of fit and healthy animals, but it will continue to be an unavoidable responsibility due to uncontrolled breeding. Euthanasia is only carried out by qualified personnel, using approved and humane methods, with the utmost compassion.

Myth buster

  • There is no “death row” at the JSPCA or any other SPCA.
  • There is no “set time” for keeping an animal. Keeping an animal in a kennel indefinitely is, however, inhumane.
  • The animal’s wellbeing is always paramount.

During their stay in kennels, we take our animals for walks, let them out to play in exercise runs and give them enrichment toys to keep them stimulated.

No SPCA “sells” pets. The adoption fee is simply to cover part of the veterinary expenses to get your furry friend adoption ready. The total adoption fee for dogs is R900 and for cats R750. (This is only a fraction of what your vet will charge you for these veterinary procedures!)

Sterilising your dog:

  • Has no effect on his alertness or natural protective instincts.
  • Minimises sexual and territorial aggression.
  • Reduces hyperactivity.
  • Your dog becomes more relaxed in her home environment.
  • Makes him more affectionate with you, children and other pets.
  • Minimises or eliminates bad habits such as jumping over fences, chasing cars, urinating in the house.
  • Minimises the risk of prostate problems

No SPCA “sells” pets. The adoption fee is simply to cover part of the veterinary expenses to get your furry friend adoption ready. The total adoption fee for dogs is R900 and for cats R750. (This is only a fraction of what your vet will charge you for these veterinary procedures!)

Sterilising your cat:

  • Makes him/her more affectionate.
  • Lessens the chances of him wandering off to other territories and getting into fights.
  • Eliminates spraying altogether.
  • Eliminates “cat choruses”.
  • Minimises sexual and territorial aggression.

A feral cat is a cat that lives independently of humans. They may appear to be “wild” and often run away or hiss when approached. Communities often dislike them without realising they play an important role in containing the rodent population.

In order to establish closed and controllable feral cat colonies, the JSPCA is authorised to trap and sterilise feral cats and then release them back into the area from which they came. This prevents additional cats from moving into the area, because cats are extremely territorial.

We strongly discourage trying to catch, pick up or handle a feral cat. They often carry extremely infectious diseases, are likely to have intestinal worms and parasites, and will try to bite and scratch. Only trained professionals should approach and handle feral cats.

Stray pets that come to Johannesburg SPCA are kept for the mandatory pound period of four days.

If someone wants to claim them, they have to prove they are the rightful owner by providing a photograph of the animal, a detailed description of the animal and a detailed lost report. The animal will only be reunited with their owner once the owner:

  • Submits an affidavit.

  • Pays the relevant pound fees.

  • Pays for the pet to be micro-chipped.

  • If the owner does not claim the animal within the four day period, the owner will have to adopt the animal like any regular member of the public, in accordance with our adoption policy.

Are you looking for a furry family member to complete your home? Look no further! The JSPCA has a huge offering of wonderful, loving pets desperately waiting for their forever home.  Simply follow these steps:

  1. View our pets available for adoption on our Facebook page or come in and visit us. If you spot a pet that steals your heart, please contact kennels@jhbspca.co.za
  2. Visit our kennels at 5 Benray Road, Johannesburg to see all our beautiful cats and dogs that are up for adoption.
    Spend time with your shortlisted pets in our special meet and greet area, which will enable you to familiarise yourself and your children with your potential new family member prior to making the final adoption decision. Our trained advisors will help you to choose a pet suitable to your unique family and lifestyle.
  3. Complete the adoption application form and pay the R200 deposit fee for the pre-home check. Submit a copy of your ID and proof of residence.
  4. Within the following week our inspectors do a home check to ensure your property is suitable for a pet. This includes checking whether your pet will have adequate space to run around, and whether the fence is sufficient to prevent your pet from straying.
  5. Once the inspection is completed and you are approved, we sterilize, vaccinate, deworm and microchip your pet to ensure you live happily ever after!

We let you know once your new family member is ready for collection. You pay the balance (for the above veterinary services) and sign the adoption contract.

Take your new furry family member to their forever home!

Our Sponsors

A special thanks to all of our amazing sponsors. Without them we wouldn’t be half as sustainable as we are now.