Legacies are a wonderful and meaningful way to ensure the longevity of the JSPCA and the continued prevention of cruelty for all the animals we serve in the city we love. Simply follow these easy steps:

- Advise the person assisting you with the drafting process of your will that you would like to leave a bequest to the JSPCA.
- Please specify the Johannesburg SPCA, as each SPCA is autonomous.
- Elect to leave your entire estate or a portion of your estate to the JSPCA. In case of the latter, you can elect to leave a specified percentage or a specified sum, whichever you prefer. You may also elect to leave property or items of value, such as jewellery, to the organisation.
- If you already have a will, you may add a codicil naming the JSPCA as a beneficiary. You may change your will or any codicils thereto at any time should your circumstances change.