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How To Adopt

Are you looking for a furry family member to complete your home? Look no further!

How to Adopt

Are you looking for a furry family member to complete your home? Look no further! The JSPCA has a huge offering of wonderful, loving pets desperately waiting for their forever home. Simply follow these steps:

Step 2

Spend time with your shortlisted pets in our special meet and greet area, which will enable you to familiarise yourself and your children with your potential new family member prior to making the final adoption decision. Our trained advisors will help you to choose a pet suitable to your unique family and lifestyle.

Step 3

Complete the adoption application form and pay the R500 deposit fee for the pre-home check. Submit a copy of your ID and proof of residence.

Step 4

Within the following week our inspectors do a home check to ensure your property is suitable for a pet. This includes checking whether your pet will have adequate space to run around, and whether the fence is sufficient to prevent your pet from straying.

Step 5

Once the inspection is completed and you are approved, we sterilize, vaccinate, deworm and microchip your pet to ensure you live happily ever after.

Step 6

We let you know once your new family member is ready for collection. You pay the balance (for the above veterinary services) and sign the adoption contract.

Step 7

Take your new furry family member to their forever home!


During their stay in kennels, we take our animals for walks, let them out to play in exercise runs and give them enrichment toys to keep them stimulated.

No SPCA “sells” pets. The adoption fee is simply to cover part of the veterinary expenses to get your furry friend adoption ready. The total adoption fee for dogs is R1000 and for cats R750. (This is only a fraction of what your vet will charge you for these veterinary procedures!)

For more information on animals for adoption, please visit our Johannesburg SPCA Facebook page
or contact Kennels on 011 681 3600

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