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A Happy Ending for Otis

Who can remember Otis’s story of having to be surrendered over to the Johannesburg SPCA due to his owner losing his job at the beginning of the Lockdown and not being able to afford to look after Otis anymore.

Otis is the most beautiful pedigree Rhodesian ridgeback and still so young at only two years old. Otis is a real big softy with his lovely soft nature and sits and downs when asked to do so. He would make the perfect companion for someone who is willing, committed and dedicated to attend obedience training classes as this would also help Otis to bond with his new owners.

Otis was at the Johannesburg SPCA just under a month and unfortunately nobody showed any interest in adopting Otis, but on the 23rd of July I received a phone call from Otis’s owner. He wanted to know if Otis was still at the JSPCA and if so, would he be able to apply for adoption? He had explained to me that the whole family was missing Otis terribly and that his circumstances had changed. He had found a new job and was financially able to take care of Otis.

The home inspection was approved and Otis was sterilised.

On the 29th of July Otis’s owner collected Otis and explained to me that he felt so ashamed of having to surrender Otis to the JSPCA, I reassured him that he made the right choice by sending Otis to the JSPCA where we could look after him and give him the love and attention that he so deserves, and making sure to find him the best possible home.

I wish everyone could be as responsible as Otis’s owner if they fall on hard times. He made the right decision and by doing so he was able to be reunited with his beautiful dog.

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  1. I’m so happy to hear he was able to be reunited with his beautiful dog <3 thank you to the SPCA angels as always <3

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