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Liana Marx

Please do not desert your pets over the holidays

It is the of year every animal shelter across the country dreads. As people are preparing to go on holiday, shelters are preparing for the intake of animals that comes through our doors every year. We book our holidays way in advance, we make our holiday plans in advance, how come we don’t ensure our pets accommodation at the same time?

Top 10 Pet Myths Debunked!

Here at the JSPCA, we’re all about giving you the truth. There are many stories out there to help care for your pets, but these are often false and misleading. Therefore, we thought we’d give you some myths that many still think are true.

Tasty Treats For Our Furry Friends

If you would like to spoil your furry or feline friend during lockdown, why not try making them a tasty treat? Below is some biscuits for dogs as well as delicious fish balls for cats!

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