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Top 10 Pet Myths Debunked!

Here at the JSPCA, we’re all about giving you the truth. There are many stories out there to help care for your pets, but these are often false and misleading. Therefore, we thought we’d give you some myths that many still think are true.

Welcome Our New Veterinarian – Dr. Ferreira

On behalf of everyone here at the JSPCA, we would like to welcome our new veterinarian – Dr. Marina Alves Ferreira. Dr. Ferreira joined the Johannesburg SPCA in February 2020. She qualified from the Faculty of Veterinary Science, the University of Pretoria in 2008.

JSPCA Superhero Inspectors!

Some superheroes wear capes, some wear masks, some wear fancy costumes but in the end, we all see them as superheroes. The JSPCA Inspectors don’t wear fancy suits or costumes. However, does that mean they are not heroes?

JSPCA in time to save Angel’s life [GRAPHIC CONTENT]

On Sunday, the 5th of April, our duty inspector got a call from a resident in Noordgesig about a stray dog that was wondering the street. Upon arrival, our inspector stopped his vehicle and opened the door to get his leash out. Without a word, the dog just jumped into his vehicle and sat there waiting for him to leave. Strange you would say as to how many stray animals just jump into an SPCA vehicle?

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Coronavirus and What It Means For Your Pets

With people and businesses grinding to a rapid halt this week after Rhamaposa’s announcement on people to people contact restrictions on Sunday, and the rate of infected people increasing drastically within a matter of a week, it is evident that South Africa is going into lock down.

The Risks of Chaining Up Dogs

In some cases, chained dogs may be tethered for days, months, or even years. Dog chaining poses serious threats to a dog’s physical and psychological well-being. Due to the inhumane nature of continuous dog chaining, many cities and counties are passing local laws to ban the practice. However, we still see dogs being chained up around South Africa.

friends, cat and dog, cats and dogs

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