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JSPCA Superhero Inspectors!

Some superheroes wear capes, some wear masks, some wear fancy costumes but in the end, we all see them as superheroes. The JSPCA Inspectors don’t wear fancy suits or costumes. However, does that mean they are not heroes? 

NO! Their passion for animals, ensuring that no animal in distress is left unattended, enforcing the law and making sure justice prevails, that is what makes them superheroes! 

But even the most powerful superhero needs help from his community to ensure justice for all.

Batman relies on the Gotham police department to signal the bat when in need of his help. Superman works for The Planet newspaper which allows him to keep track of events that might need his help.  However, the JSPCA isn’t so lucky.

The JSPCA inspectors have to rely on the public to notify us when an animal is in need.

But now, what if the very public the Inspectors rely on puts them at risk of getting sick?

  • What will happen to our inspectors if they get sick due to the community not wearing masks? 
  • What will happen if an inspector ends up in the hospital due to contracting a deadly virus from the public who don’t adhere to social distancing? 
  • What will happen if the superhero inspector is no longer there….? 

Every town needs a hero, every hero needs his community!

The JSPCA inspectors are no different from any superheroes. They get into contact with the community on a regular base. They attend to emergencies with a crowd of people to see how their hero saves the day. 

But, is it not foolish of us, even disrespectful at times to want these heroes to save an animal, yet we put them at risk of getting sick? By compromising ourselves as to not wearing face masks, not caring about the consequences of not adhering to social distancing, by not staying at home. Is it not selfish of us to possibly endanger their health along with ours? 

  • Who will help the animals if all our inspectors get sick?
  • Who will rescue the dog that fell down a hole if the inspectors are too weak to get out of bed?
  • What will happen if there are no longer any inspectors?

Have no fear though – there is hope!

You can be a hero today! 

JSPCA inspector superheroes need you to be cautious, not foolish. Here is our list of things to do to help the JSPCA Inspectors:

  • If an Inspector visits you or your property – wear a face mask
  • Stay away from crowds
  • Help stop the spread of a deadly virus! 
  • Help protect our superheroes that need to protect the voiceless and become an animal superhero yourself!

Before opening the door to an inspector, pause to think – do you have a face mask on? Are you protecting yourself and the inspector?  If so YOU are also a hero! You are making a difference today.

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