Second Dog in Hong Kong Tests Positive for Covid-19 Virus

According to a Hong Kong government press release, “a pet dog sent to the AFCD (Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department) has repeatedly tested positive for the COVID-19 virus”. This is another infected case following an earlier case in which a 17-year-old Pomeranian dog tested weak positive during repeated tests for the virus.

This case involves a German Shepherd dog that lived in a residence at Pok Fu Lam. When the owner was confirmed with COVID-19, the dog was sent for quarantine with another mixed breed dog from the same residence to the animal keeping facility at the Hong Kong Port of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge yesterday (March 18).

“No positive results were obtained from the mixed-breed dog and neither dog has shown any signs of disease,” it said. “The department will continue to closely monitor both dogs and conduct repeated tests on the animals.”

The department also reminded pet owners to follow good hygiene rules with your pet. This includes:

  • washing hands before and after being around or handling animals
  • washing hands before and after being around or handling food and supplies
  • avoid kissing any animals
  • placing pets under quarantine if a person in that household becomes infected with Covid-19

Note that there is no evidence that pet animals can be a source of Covid-19 for humans or that the virus can cause the disease in dogs.

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