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Royal Canin Fit 32 Cat Dry Food


Royal Canin Feline Fit 32 Cat Dry Food is a balanced and optimal nutritional dry cat food for moderately active adult cats aged over 12 months old.

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The Royal Canin Health Fit 32 Cat Food is a balanced and complete feed for adult cats over 12 months old, that is moderately active.
The donut shaped kibble motivates the cat’s chewing to support slow food absorbtion and has an adjusted calorie content to help maintain the ideal weight of cats.

Key Benefits:

Optimal Nutrient Profile:
Contains the right level of beneficial nutrition that is formulated to maintain good health for your adult cat.

Healthy Weight:
Adapted calorie content for moderately active adult cats and to maintain their ideal adult cats.

Hairball Reduction:
Contains specific fibres to stimulate intestinal transit and eliminate ingested hair.

Urinary Health:
Contains a formulation of minerals that support and maintain your adult cat’s urinary system.

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