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Royal Canin Medium Starter Mother & Baby Dog Food 4kg

Original price was: R670.Current price is: R615.

Complete feed for medium breed mother dogs which are at the end of gestation and during lactation and weighing 11 to 25 kg and her weaning puppies up to 2 months old.

Available in a 4kg resealable bag.


Royal Canin Starter Medium Mother and Baby dog food provides your medium breed mother dog and her puppies with increased immune system support in order to fight viruses and diseases and keep them away. It has great tasting kibbles and a special combination of nutritional elements to help promote digestive health, reduce stool odour and meet the energy needs of mommy and her babies during gestation, birth, lactation, weaning, and growth up to 2 months of age.

Available in a 4kg resealable bag.

Weight 4 kg


Royal Canin

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