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Royal Canin Dental Care Mini Dry Dog Food


Complete feeding for adult and mature small breed dogs prone to dental sensitivities with dog weight ranging from 1 to 10 kg and over 10 months old.

Available in 1kg & 3kg bags.

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Improve your dog’s dental care and oral health with Royal Canin Dental Care Mini. Start preventing those nasty bacteria from taking control of your best friend’s oral health.

Royal Canin Mini Dog food will improve your dog’s oral health and provide sufficent dental care, and preventing bacteria and other related dental issues.

Proven results with up to 69% reduced tartar formation based off from the Royal Canin internal study.

For dogs prone to dental sensitivities – Certain dogs are more vulnerable to dental tartar build-up. After meals, food residue can form a thin layer of plaque covering your dog’s teeth. Plaque calcifies into tartar which can lead to the accumulation of bacteria over time. This dental care dry food has been formulated to help avoid and prevent this from happening.

Precise formula – A complete nutrition that features a kibble formulated with a specialised texture that gently rubs your dog’s teeth when they are chewing. The formula also has chelators which bind the calcium in his mouth and help reduce tartar accumulation. Ideal for longterm use. Oral hygiene plays an important role in your dog’s overall health.

What you can also do to prevent dental issue
It will also help if you brush your dog’s teeth regularly. Use a toothpaste specifically made for dogs, and a suitably sized toothbrush. If you have any questions or concerns about your dog’s health, please contact the Johannesburg SPCA for further assistance and guidance.

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