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Royal Canin Chihuahua Adult Dog Dry Food


Chihuahua Adult Dry Food for mature dogs over 8 months of age.

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Royal Canin Chihuahua Adult for mature dogs over 8 months of age is formulated with specific aromas and flavour and it has a customised kibble size, perfect for Chihuahuas. This dry food formula assists with digestion and contains good fibres, high-quality carbohydrates and proteins. They also include less tartar and better dental care abilities.

High palatability
Chihuahua Adult satisfies the Chihuahua’s appetite thanks to the combination of three factors, which is an adapted kibble size and shape and an exclusive formulation and selected flavours.’

Stool & odour reduction
This formula helps to reduce faecal smell and volume.

Dental health
This formula helps to reduce the risk of tartar formation thanks to calcium chelators.

Exclusive kibble design: special miniature jaw
Exclusive kibble which is adapted to the Chihuahua’s small jaw.

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