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Why is it important to sterilise animals?

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Spay and neuter helps to slow down population growth

In the absence of spay and neuter measurements in place, homeless animals tend to be neglected, and can die of disease or starvation.

Sterilisation becomes crucial for the control and management of free-roaming dogs, cats and other related diseases.

It will suppress undesirable hormone-related behaviours

Heat cycles in females no longer exist and as a result also eliminate the approach and attraction of unwanted attention by male dogs.

Roaming is reduced, male dogs, are less likely to wander off an owner’s property if they do not have the hormone drive to pursue a female in heat. This way, they can live happy on a property, may not need to be tied up – which is a form of cruelty and are less likely to contract disease or suffer injury.

When dogs are neutered, this can make them more protective, because they no longer will be distracted by temptations of breeding with females or even fighting with other males. Spraying and marking in males is also reduced.

Helps with eliminating health risks for the animals themselves

There are plenty of potentially deadly health conditions and transmissible diseases that animals can contract and develop as a result of being intact and breeding. Examples such as pyometra, TVT, and reproductive cancers can occur. When the animal is spayed or neutered, all these risks are eliminated.

It will lead to cost-effectiveness

If your pet is spayed or neutered, you will save on the cost of caring for future litters and you will reduce the likelihood of your pet requiring veterinary treatment for injuries occurring when they roam or fight.

Your Pet Won’t Gain Weight from Being Spayed or Neutered

Pets become overweight for the same reasons people do. These are usually not exercising enough and overeating. A pet who gets enough exercise and eats a healthy diet in moderation will remain fit and healthy.

When donating to the JSPCA Snip & Save Steri-thon you will help and support prevention of unwanted litters from being born, thus helping to prevent animal cruelty and homeless animals ending up at SPCA’s all over the country.

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