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Royal Canin Maine Coon Kitten Dry Food


Balanced and complete feed Maine Coon kittens under 15 months old. It has a specially shaped cube-shaped kibble and contains an exclusive formula of calcium & phosphorus. This dry kitten food will also support the kitten’s digestive system, immune system and stool quality as it contains the necessary vitamins, minerals, intestal flora and proteins.

Available in 2kg and 4kg bags.

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Royal Canin Maine Coon Kitten Dry Food is a balanced and complete feed for kittens that is under 15 months old. The adapted nutrition and energy intake of this feline dry food accommodates the kitten’s long growth. The dry food diet contributes to the healthy development of the Maine Coon kitten’s powerful bone structure because it contains a specific content of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D.

It also is enhanced with nutrients to help maintain and support healthy joints and bones during growth phase. The size, design shape and texture of the kibbles promotes optimal oral hygiene and are ideally suited for the Maine Coon kitten’s large jaw. It will also help to gain optimal digestive tolerance and will support the natural defences of the kitten.

Available in 2kg and 4kg bags.

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