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Meet Archie – Short-legged Golden Retriever In Need Of A Home

Archie was brought into the Johannesburg SPCA on the 14th of April 2020 as a stray. Marco is the person who found Archie lying outside his home in Monder. Archie was so sick that he was unable to stand. He was very weak and could barely lift his head. 

Once Archie arrived at the JSPCA the amazing Vet team immediately attended to Archie. Archie was diagnosed with severe tick bite fever.  The tick bite fever was so bad that Archie had developed jaundice. His gums and the whites of his eyes were completely yellow and his lack of energy made his prognoses seem really dim.  Everyone seemed to be wishing and hoping that this special boy was somehow going to pull through this terrible illness.   

Archie started to show improvement on the third day of treatment. He seemed happy about all the attention that he was receiving and from there Archie amazed us all by getting stronger and strong every day. We were all amazed at Archie’s recovery rate.

Archie was discharged from the hospital with a clean bill of health on the 24th of April and sent to kennels to be placed up for adoption. Archie is in Kennel Number S17.  Archie is a true survivor. He is only about 1 year old and has the most amazing personality. He looks like a short-legged Golden Retriever.  He has a gentle and soft nature and deserves a family who will love and look after him. 

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