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Update on Rosie – May 2020

Rosie, the beautiful Collie x who was collected by inspector from a construction site in Booysens, with her nine puppies on the 12th of April.

Rosie is doing very well. She is sweet with a soft nature and believes she is a lapdog. She thoroughly enjoys climbing onto my lap for cuddles. Rosie is a pleasure to walk and loves her leisurely stroll. That’s literally all it takes to give Rosie the mental stimulation that she needs.

Watching Rosie with absolute pleasure and adoration, I feel bittersweet. She is playing with a toy, seeing her happy and healthy makes my heart smile, but I also realise through her interaction with the toy that this is most likely her first time playing with a toy… 

Once we can allow adoptions, we would love to find Rosie a loving family that will give her lots of love and attention. Rosie’s puppies are also doing exceptionally well and will be receiving their first vaccinations this week.

We don’t have any background information on Rosie, but that doesn’t mean we don’t know her.  We know she has a lovely personality and seems to resemble many of the same characteristics as a Rough Collie. Rough Collie’s are generally great with children and other animals, provided they have been socialised at an early age.

Rosie would make an excellent addition to many households. Rosie and her beautiful pups will all be available for adoption once we are permitted to allow adoptions.

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