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JSPCA in time to save Angel’s life [GRAPHIC CONTENT]

On Sunday, the 5th of April, our duty inspector got a call from a resident in Noordgesig about a stray dog that was wondering the street. Upon arrival, our inspector stopped his vehicle and opened the door to get his leash out. Without a word, the dog just jumped into his vehicle and sat there waiting for him to leave. Strange you would say as to how many stray animals just jump into an SPCA vehicle?

However, the inspector saw that a rope was tied around her neck. At first glance, you would think it is just a collar until you look closer and the rotten smell hits your nose. Around the dog’s neck was a collar so tight it cut right through the dog’s neck into the skin. The skin around the dog’s neck has started to rot and the poor animal must have been in tremendous pain.

Angel when JHBSPCA arrived on the scene.

JSPCA gets into gear

Our veterinary team immediately cut the rope of the poor animal’s neck and started cleaning the wound. Hair around the wound was shaved off and special care was taken as to not inflict any more pain on the animal. What startled the staff the most was that by looking at the wound and just imagining the pain the animal must have been in you would have thought she would try to bite or to run away. Yet she sat still and let the medical team help her as if she knew they were there to help. Wagging her tail the whole time, she sat patiently through the whole process.

For a human to inflict so much pain on an animal is just one of the worst acts of cruelty, claiming that you don’t see the collar eating into the skin of the dog, or even noticing the bad smell, is just despicable. And throughout this whole ordeal, Angel as we have named her, still has the capability to trust humans to do what is best for her, by showering them with kisses and affection.

Sadly we don’t know who the owner is, or if the caller might have been the actual owner, one will never know.

But dogs like Angel need our help.

Angel after cleaning up the wound.

One cannot begin to imagine what would have happened if we did not cross paths with Angel. You can only assume she would have died a very slow painful death and not have anyone there with her in her final moments. The JSPCA will never stop helping animals like Angel, it is our soul mission to be there for every animal who needs our assistance yet we cannot do it without your help. You can make it possible for us to help them by making a monetary donation in kind.

A donation, no matter how big or small, can make a difference in an animal’s life who might be hanging on a tread. There are also many other ways to help the JSPCA team, just click here to find out more. Our staff at the JSPCA hope everyone is remaining safe and indoors during the COVID-19 lockdown.

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