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Welcome to our new volunteer Bianca

We wanted to welcome Bianca Aldred to our volunteer team!

She is a valuable asset as she will be working with some of our animals in our kennels.  Kennel stress can become a big problem if animals are not stimulated on a daily base.  Going for walks, playing in the play pens or even just sitting in a kennel is what Bianca will be doing during her time at the JSPCA.  Upon visiting the JSPCA you are welcome to have a chat with her for any concerns regarding your pets behaviour.

I am a recent Canine Behaviour and Training course graduate with an absolute passion for all living creatures big and small.  A mom to a special little toddler princess and a dog mom to three beautiful furbabies.  I believe in a future free of suffering and abundant love, care and respect for all humans and animals alike.  I decided to join the movement and spread some love to our furry friends in need, and help those that need a extra gentle touch of TLC on their road to recovery.  Changing the world one small act of kindness at a time.

On behalf of the JSPCA we want to welcome her onboard and wish her many days of happyness with all the animals in our care as it is a truly wonderful feeling knowing you were able to make a difference in an animals life.

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