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Welcome to our new volunteer Darryn

We wanted to welcome Darryn Potgieter to our volunteer team!

Darryn is from Germiston and will be a full time volunteer at Johannesburg SPCA for the next while.

I’ve always loved animals and it brings me immense joy knowing I can help even if it’s just talking for a walk. Prior to lockdown I spent six months in Thailand volunteering at Soi dog and for the government helping animals rescued from the dog meat trade. It was valuable experience that I now want to contribute at JSPCA.

I used to work in the IT field but I’m now studying an animal behavioural and training course. I want to work with animals as a career to create a sense of happiness and I’m really excited to be able to volunteer at JSPCA. And on Saturday I adopted my first puppy from spca Johannesburg ?

We’re thrilled to have Darryn on board to assist with daily duties and to give attention to all our animals.

5 thoughts on “Welcome to our new volunteer Darryn”

  1. Jacqueline Bass

    A short note of interest. I’m now 87 years old and I live in Plettenberg Bay. I became a member of Johannesburg SPCA when I was six years old. My membership badge was a small, round disc made of tin, and stamped with a blue and white design, with a safety pin at the back.
    I kept it for years but after many moves, sadly, lost it. My first donation to the SPCA was 6 shillings and eight pence. I sold my silk worms for a penny each to raise funds for the SPCA! I’ve been involved with animal welfare all my life and was a founder member establishing the Nelspruit SPCA and I’m an Hon. Life Member of Sandton SPCA. I’m no longer a member or your branch because I support local animal welfare charities but I love to hear your news. Keep up your good work. I wish you every success.
    Kind regards, Jackie Bass

    1. Jackie, what a lovely story! Thank you for sharing. Wow 6 shillings and eight pence – that’s amazing!! You’re an inspiration to us all! Sending you big hugs from all of us at JSPCA

  2. I am sure Darryn will be a huge asset to the SPCA and animal welfare in general in South Africa and will be watching out for articles on Facebook hoping to hear of some success in closing of the SOI dog markets, and hopefully, other encouraging stories in the Far East……
    It is wonderful to see how innovative the SPCA has become in advertising the Boksburg SPCA adoption centre!

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