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A New Home for Bentley

When we found Bentley, she was approx. three months old, scared hungry and covered in mange.  This poor little pup most definitely did not have a good start in life.  At her young age and with the aggressive treatment of anti-parasitic drugs, and weekly dips, this little dog had such a fighting spirit.  Due to her treatment, we were not able to put Bentley with other puppies and we were concerned that she might become withdraw from animals or people.  In these crucial early months of a pup’s life, socialization is so very important for a well-balanced and adjusted puppy, but with loads of love, care and treatment Bentley made the slow physical recovery and turning into a beautiful little pup with an amazing and loving personality. 

We still however had some concerns on how she would get on with other dogs since she had been kept in isolation for quite a period of time. Then walked in an angel called Genna and we just knew this was a match made in heaven. A meet and great was arranged between Genna’s pup and Bentley and it was truly love at first sight as the pups played together like long lost friends.

On behalf of the Johannesburg SPCA we want to say a huge thank you to Genna and her family for giving Bentley a chance to be a happy, spoilt little dog.  Thank you to everyone who shared Bentley’s story when she was advertised a few weeks ago and kept regular follow-ups on her progress. She has turned into such a sweet little girl and we know she will have the best life possible.

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