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Please do not desert your pets over the holidays

It is the of year every animal shelter across the country dreads.  As people are preparing to go on holiday, shelters are preparing for the intake of animals that comes through our doors every year.  We book our holidays way in advance, we make our holiday plans in advance, how come we don’t ensure our pets accommodation at the same time?  Every year we get cats and dogs handed in due to owners not being able to find last minute accommodation for their pets.  Surely our animal’s safety and wellbeing should be just as important as booking our holiday?

It is so sad to see that in December animals get handed in as donated or unwanted.  Reason for surrender – going away on holiday or no longer wanted.  How sad is it that we can discard our beloved pets who for the last 11 months was our best friend, now because we waited to long to book a boarding kennel, no longer wants the pet?  And then when January comes, and we are back from our holiday we want to adopt again – until the next holiday.

The JSPCA offers boarding kennels through the year at a very affordable price. Big spacious kennels, daily disinfectant routines to ensure your pet has the cleanest kennel possible, lots of interaction, love and attention.  All we ask is that your pet’s vaccinations are up to date.

If you can no longer look after your pet – please don’t abandon them or dump them.  No shelter will ever refuse the intake of an animal.  We don’t judge, we are just happy that the animals was brought in by the owner who only wants the best for their pet, than finding them dumped on the side of the road, bumped by a car or run over – no animal should ever have to suffer because we as humans are afraid of being judged. Home situations change, financial situations change, but that does not mean we should change how we feel about our pets.  Please don’t leave it to late – and if by mistake you did – we are all human we make mistakes, please don’t just abandon them and hope they will be okay by the time you get back from holiday.  Contact your closest SPCA to find out if they can board your pet (t and c apply) or if you can afford to look after them any longer, rather hand them in to a shelter where there are trained professionals to take them in and look after them whilst trying to find them new homes.

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