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Coping through CoVid

We know it’s been a tough time for so many South Africans and we thought we’d share how things have been at JSPCA since lockdown commenced at the end of March.

Our mission in the prevention of cruelty and proactive work has continued relentlessly.

One of the most unfortunate and unforeseen impacts of Coronavirus is on animals who can no longer be looked after either due to their owners falling ill or because their owners can no longer afford to feed them. Lockdown affected animals in all demographic areas and we recognise that Covid doesn’t care who you are, it affects us all.

As a result, our inspectors have been busy with outreach and assisting owners who have lost income to take care of their animals. They assess the situation first and ensure that the animals are also sterilised.

Thankfully we have had a good segment of the public being generous with financial support and blankets, food or goods for the charity shop. Whilst none of us would have wished for this pandemic, comradery has made the difference and helped us through.

We were closed for a short while due to a positive case but its thanks to the efficient response of our staff and the cleaning team from Click Cleaning Southern Suburbs that we were able to reopen on the 22nd of July. As we opened there was a hive of activity; animals went home, others were viewed for adoption and the hospital saw quite a few clients for vaccinations which makes us happy.

Celeste Houseman, General Manager

Moving forward we uphold the strictest standards in hygiene and continue our work with gratitude to our community. For those looking to adopt and not shop, please remember we still have an appointment system in place for adoptions to ensure social distancing is maintained:-)

We look forward to seeing you soon and thank you for your support.

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